Tęsknota za kimś, kogo nie ma

  1. Jerzy Szyłak



Film is a metaphor of passing and its model which was noticed quite a long time ago by Henri Bergson when he wrote that memory has a cinematographic nature. On the topic of passing and fighting with it many film critics and film scholars, such as Andrè Bazin and Christian Metz, wrote a lot of articles and books. Also many film masters, like for instance Luchino Visconti, dealt with this eternally disturbing issue. The present essay offers a look at different utterances on passing — film utterances and literary, artistic and critical ones to show that where something passes at the same time something remains, and where something goes away at the same time something new comes along.

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Studia Filmoznawcze

34, 2012

Pages from 19 to 32

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