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Recenzja: Różne twarze awangardy

  1. Michał Chęciński



The review is an attempt to analyse Body of Film. Medium Present in the Post-War American Film Avant-Garde by Marta Kosińska. First of all, the book is a presentation of most famous and interesting post-war American avant-garde directors. The author discusses works of Deren, Mekas, Sharits, Warhol and many others. In her detailed analysis she considers biographies of directors as well as cultural, historical context. Kosińska treats the avant-garde as a dynamic and diverse phenomenon. This part of American cinema is for some of the artists just an amateur play, for some others it is an opportunity to bring up forbidden subjects. Kosińska describes Warhol’s movies as a possibility to rebel against the mainstream. She described the American avant-garde deeply and honestly.

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Studia Filmoznawcze

34, 2013

Strony od 231 do 234

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