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Recenzja: Pochwała przypadku

  1. Piotr Zwierzchowski




The author discusses Scenariusze filmowe [Film Screenplays] by Jerzy Stefan Stawiński and I began to work in films by chance, being a record of an interview with him conducted by Barbara Giza. Both books are a kind of tribute to Stawiński, regarded first of all as a scenarist of Polish Film School. The first of them makes it possible to realize that his work was much more extensive. Both books have managed to present Stawiński in a way that he himself would like to be presented to the reader: as a man working for films, but being above all a writer. They show an image of a man who is satisfied (in readers’ and audience’s opinions), but at the same time dissatisfied (above all in his own view). A man who had an interesting life and who was able to talk about it in an exciting way, among others, through his works.


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Studia Filmoznawcze

31, 2010

Strony od 267 do 273

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